Marine 1

Here I painted my version of Blizzard's Marine from Starcraft 2. I drew this on a piece of card way back in 2008. A few people told me to get on with it and also some pushed me to finally paint, something I really want to do. Weird how you work around things sometimes.
This is my first proper digital painting that I've finished. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do some more original pieces soon.


The Next Generation

E3 is this week and for the first time we got to see the PS4. It's a sexy looking piece of hardware and I for one am very excited to get my hands on one and some of the games being released.

We also got to see some of the new and exclusive titles for the XBone.

Here is a round-up of all that was on offer!

The Playstation 4 reveal

Final Fantasy XV

Killzone Shadow Fall

Infamous Second Son


The Order 1886



Thief 4

Kingdom Hearts 3

Assasin's Creed 4 Black Flag

The Crew

The Division

Watch Dogs

Metal Gear Solid 5

Battlefield 4

Mirror's Edge 2



Ryse: Son of Rome

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt



Dark Souls II

2013/14 will be an expensive year for the gaming habit!


YouTube Take 2

I have finally bought an HDPVR. Recording is really smooth and it was pretty simple to set up. I need to split some audio but once that is taken care of I will be recording, editing and streaming all day long.

Here is the first Video I made using the HDPVR and some ridiculous music!

I've started playing with After Effects again, quickly picking up all the stuff I forgot. It's fun and it really gets me visualising. I can feel the creativity spilling from the top of my head.

As well as my own self inspired creativity I've found some in the ArenaNet team. The ANet team really pushed me towards making games, so I keep the inspiration at hand when I'm feeling lazy or unproductive.

Been to Sweden. It was Amazing.

TMG out!


Old Boys

These are some badges I made for a friend of mine, they represent ranking structure within a World Vs World, Guild Wars 2 guild. The Old Boys Check it out!


Sci-Fi Revolver

A gun I have been working on to improve my maya skills. Texturing next and then I feel like making a pirate ship!


DoTA 2 and other stuff

I realised that cutting down time in other areas has given me so much time to concentrate on the important things. Like making killing tools. I've started teaching myself how to use the SDK to try and put my items into DoTA 2. The support, although great, is minimal at the moment so trying to work out the best angle of approach has been trying, I am getting closer.

Maya is set up just how I want it and I'm ready to start knocking up some cool items that will hopefully be sold on the steam marketplace. I'm hoping the stuff I learn from this can be applied to the Skyrim Creation Kit, as I'd really like to make some cool buildings for the game. Maybe I'll find time to make some hats for TF2. (I also need to make my level for Master Reboot, don't hit me, Sarah)

I'm aiming to sketch a lot more, keep this blog updated more often and produce a website to push forward in my gaming endeavors.

Level Design