DoTA 2 and other stuff

I realised that cutting down time in other areas has given me so much time to concentrate on the important things. Like making killing tools. I've started teaching myself how to use the SDK to try and put my items into DoTA 2. The support, although great, is minimal at the moment so trying to work out the best angle of approach has been trying, I am getting closer.

Maya is set up just how I want it and I'm ready to start knocking up some cool items that will hopefully be sold on the steam marketplace. I'm hoping the stuff I learn from this can be applied to the Skyrim Creation Kit, as I'd really like to make some cool buildings for the game. Maybe I'll find time to make some hats for TF2. (I also need to make my level for Master Reboot, don't hit me, Sarah)

I'm aiming to sketch a lot more, keep this blog updated more often and produce a website to push forward in my gaming endeavors.

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